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Prayers For The School Year

As our little ones (and we) are preparing for the start of school, let's take a moment and pray for their school year:

"Father, thank you for all of Your blessings, may we be reminded of them daily.

As we approach the start of school, Father, we pray for our children and their teachers. Father, fill their teachers with compassion, wisdom, understanding and grace.

For our children, surround them with your angels, protect their bodies and their hearts. Help them to be kind to others and share the love that your Son would have shared. Keep their minds open to learn. Lord, I trust that whatever our kids lack this year in school, You will teach them.

Help our children to be brave when confronted with new people, new situations or new assignments. Help them to love unconditionally, be filled with joy overflowing, remain peaceful and patient, be kind to others, walk in goodness, faithfulness and gentleness and maintain self control.

Teach us and our children to be satisfied in You. Caution us when we begin to compare who we are or what we have to others.

You have prepared the way for us, giving us strength to accomplish everything You’ve assigned us to do. When a concept is hard help us and our children to push through. If we feel like we are failing, we will trust in Your ability to help us win. Our confidence is in You.

Father, thank you for giving us Your Spirit. Fill us afresh as we begin this year. We rely on You, Holy Spirit, to recall things back to our minds. Enable our children to learn and soak up knowledge that draws us closer to You. Be our and their mouth piece as we speak to others. Let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing to You. Help us to grow closer to you and each other.

In Your precious Son's name, Amen!"

Adapted from Flourishing Today

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