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We have a challenge for you!!


Download Our Summer Checklist and 

post a picture of yourself doing the following on your page. Tag @MOPSWINTERGARDEN with the hashtag #mopswintergarden & #sayyes.


Keep track of how many you complete...feel free to do all examples and more, the most pics from now till the first meeting gets the prize at our first meeting back!Have fun with it and be creative!

Download by clicking the image below. We can't wait to see what you're up to this summer!

Summer checklist.png

When moms are resourced...Moms are the most powerful creatures on the planet. We are the ones influencing the smallest details of people’s day, but also the trajectory of generations. When moms are resourced, when moms are elevated, when moms are educated, when moms are empowered to do what they are meant to do in the world, everyone is better because of it.


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At last: Your schedules are loosening, daylight is stretching, and you can think
about long walks on the beach (or at least the neighborhood).
Maybe your marriage could use a tall drink of water, too. Could you use this lull in
routine to focus on each other?


Join us for #nofilter parenting talk, hosted by MOPS President and CEO Mandy Arioto and a support squad of powerhouse parents. You don’t need another curated influencer in your media feed making you feel isolated and off pace. You need intentional conversations about what’s going on for moms in real life. Tune into Moms Unscripted and join an empty nester with hindsight, a working mom balancing a full schedule, an accomplished author with preteens, and a sleep-deprived dad with a newborn. If you’re struggling to keep your head above water, listening to these friends talk about how they’ve navigated the same days will be the lifesaver you need to stay afloat. From post-partum bodies to a shifting personal identity, no topic is off limits for their candid conversations. They’ll hash it out and help you stay grounded in grace at every stage. So come on in, the water’s warm.


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