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We Love Moms 2023

Imagine a room full of laughter, moms connecting and tons of joy. If we were to summarize our We Love Moms events in one word, this would be it: Delight!

This year we opted to give a feel for what a MOPS meeting is like. We introduced our leaders, learned how to make a mini charcuterie board (thanks to the expertise of Once Upon a Creation). We then learned about our theme for the year: "Say Yes" and shared about what to expect at MOPS. After which we connected with our tables and got to know each other. Next up was our craft (we have lots of crafts at MOPS) and our giveaways from our amazing sponsors.

This year we are on the edge of our seats, we just cannot wait to share this year of Saying Yes with you. But let us be clear, Saying Yes does not mean saying yes to ALL the things. It means saying yes to the right things.

A few images from our We Love Moms Events. It's hard to capture the full experience...

If you missed our We Love Moms events, take a minute to check out the videos we shared...we'd really love for you to join us this year. It'll almost be like you were there. But don't worry, you can always join us for our first meeting to get a feel for yourself - don't forget to RSVP.

Intros and Confessionals:

What to expect at MOPS:

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