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What's In A Name?

The MomCo Winter Garden - Mom community

In early September, 12 of us from MOPS Winter Garden went off on an adventure to Chicago for MOMCON! If you don't know what that is the annual MOPS International Convention. A weekend of fun and fulfillment!

In the weeks ahead of the conference, MOPS International let us know that they'd been hiding a secret and they had... a VERY good one! It was announced that MOPS which has stood for Mothers Of PreSchoolers for the past 50 years would be rebranding to The MomCo - short for The Mom Community!

This is exciting news because over the years MOPS has grown to include more than just moms of preschoolers. We have grown to MOMSnext (moms of school age kids), Mentor Moms, Teen MOPS, and more!

"A decade of feedback suggested that it was time to embrace a change of our name to reflect the growth and inclusivity we’ve experienced over the years. ⁠

It’s the same ministry you’ve come to love, but with a name that embraces the full extent of our intention and reach. " - MOPS International⁠

The big announcement:

Why do we have a new name? We’re so glad you asked! 👇

"1. We want to present a clear and immediate image of who we are, no more acronyms, no more insiders only. No more awkward questions about cleaning supplies. 🚫🧹

2. To express that we’re a passionate and inclusive community for all moms, not just moms with preschoolers. 🤗

3. We want to honor the generational place of permanency you have within our organization. ♾️

When you join the MomCo, you and your littles step onto a pre-paved path, you join a journey that was begun by the strong women before you, and you will never have to walk alone again.

You come to a table with a saved seat, and you join a movement making a place for all moms, a place where we can walk with Jesus, together.

You belong to a community in which no mom feels alone in the hard and holy work of raising her children."

- MOPS International

The meaning of the new logo:

What about MOPS Winter Garden?

We will walk right alongside MOPS International in rebranding our name to The MomCo Winter Garden. As we go through this year, you'll see changes in our social media names, website and email. You'll even see some fun new branding colors, fonts and icons (my fav!).

We will take our time with this, as MOPS has hung around for 50 years, it's an adjustment for sure. We want to honor those that have paved the path for us and created the road for us to continue to grow so that we could become The MomCo.

We see this as an opportunity to include more moms, to be more expansive and to continue to connect the mom communities of Downtown Winter Garden and Horizon West together in raising moms to new heights!

We hope you follow along with us on this journey! Spread the word, invite all mamas that you see... "Because we are your people, and you are ours." - MOPS International

From Mandy's what changing and what's not:

To learn more...

To learn more and see the amazing information and videos that MOPS International put together please visit:

winter garden mom community

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