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About Us

MOPS is a community of women who can love each other as we are — sleep deprived, insecure, overwhelmed and learning to do the most important job in our lives: mothering. We get to come together and support each other through real and tangible ways. Caring for each other’s children, providing meals, sharing wisdom, speaking truth, praying, standing in the gaps and rescuing each other in times of need. We are able to provide an environment that consistently demonstrates Jesus’ love to women who have often never experienced it or don’t believe it’s for them.

MOPS and MOMS Next Winter Garden was started in early 2020 (yup we know...great timing, right?) by two good friends (Jennie Clarke and Courtney Claud) looking to share love to other mamas in the community. 

It was soon thereafter that we chose to become a community - based MOPS. Now, if you don't know a lot about MOPS, not many of these exist. But we wanted to ensure that ALL moms would feel welcome and loved. 

In 2021, our group grew - to our capacity. We were realizing that more and more moms we aching for community. We decided to spread our wings further.


In 2022, we set out to branch to one group who has two locations. One of our locations is in Horizon West. The other is in Downtown Winter Garden. 


Our members will have the opportunity to choose a home group and then go to the other if needed or if they want to. Our community will grow. More moms, connecting with more moms. Sharing the love of Jesus. 


We are very excited for the year ahead! 


what to expect at mops

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