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For The Mentor Mom

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A mentor is someone who walks a few steps ahead and brings perspective on mothering, womanhood and relationships. She offers a “been there, done that” perspective that is refreshing and encouraging to moms. Through teaching and one-on-one relationships, mentors communicate with vulnerability and honesty and provide a foundation for acceptance and trust.

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The Power of Mentoring

More than ever before, moms feel alone and overwhelmed in carrying the weight of raising the next generation. Through a trusted relationship with a MOPS (MOMCo) Mentor, our moms are reminded they are not alone, motherhood is significant, and Jesus calls them beloved. As a prayer warrior, trusted friend and source of wisdom, MOPS Mentors support moms unconditionally, and they can also change the trajectory of her whole family!

Mentor Training

When you join a MOPS group and are added to the Leadership Team, you’ll gain access to the Leader Training Certification for Mentors at


Mentor Membership Includes:

✓ Access to all Digital Series by MOPS International
✓ Comeback Tour Digital Workbook
✓ Access to Mama Meetups – meaningful online communities for moms
✓ Quarterly print Magazine subscription
✓ Quarterly Mentor Connections booklet
✓ Access to local, in-person MOPS groups
✓ Bi-monthly encouraging texts
✓ Monthly Virtual Prayer Gathering
✓ Tuition discount up to 30% at Colorado Christian University

✓ Crafts at meetings

✓ Food and fellowship

✓ Special Events

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